It was hard enough to express at the time…

You the linguistically gifted, plug your ears.

Avrupa yürümek?

Разходка из Европа?  Разходка из цяла Европа?

Шетња кроз Европу?  Шетња по Европи?

Hodati po Europi?  Kroz Europu?

Hoditi po Evropi?  Sprehod skozi Evropa?

A piedi attraverso Europa?  Attraversare l’Europa a piedi?

Zu Fuß über Europa?  Zu Fuß durch Europa?  Wandern in Europa?

Marcher à travers l’Europe?

Cerdded ar draws Ewrop?

And ultimately, alas, Scottish Gaelic escapes me into the wild fog completely.

Gå över Europa?

Gå over Europa?

Loop over Europa? Lopen over Europa?

Gå på tværs af Europa?

¿Caminar a través de Europa?  Camino a través de Europa?