These are all stills from video.  WordPress captioning works badly, so they’re not captioned, but many of them correspond to incidents described in my letters.  They’re things that stood out to me; things I remember; pictures from some moments that counted; good things; odd things; some things that are evil; some things that were beautiful.  Above all, they’re fragmentary.  You won’t feel the wind, smell the smoke, hear the conversations, taste the burek, or pick up any of the physical inner signals – hunger, exhilaration, anxiety, sleep deprivation, soft tissue breakdown, relief, renewal – that attended some of these impressions keenly.  When I was standing in one of these pictures, there were people all around me laughing at how lucky we all were to be there.  In another, the whole valley was full of the sound of machine gun fire.

Every place in these pictures is a place I care about.